Benefits of Leasing

  • Medium and long term financing

    Medium and long terms offered in leasing allow financing investments with maturities extending up to 48 months.

  • 100% Financing

    Leasing enables full financing for the selected investment.

  • Flexible repayment schedule

    The investor-specific financing method enables designing special repayment schedules with periods and amounts that suit the investor's cash flow.

    In line with the customer's needs, the rental schedule can be created in ascending or descending amounts, TRY or FX-based, parallel to the customer's cash flow.

  • Strong Equity

    While investments through leasing self-finance, you can allocate your equity to other areas. With its expert team, Yatirim Leasing oversees its customers' all domestic purchasing and export transactions. All you need to do is take delivery of your investment good.